Banana Nut Pancakes

We have tried making lots of different pancakes without flour over the years and I have finally come up with these after many interesting versions,  some good and some admittedly terrible. Although Paleo folk don’t advocate using a large amount of almond meal, certainly those with children understand the need for breakfast ideas and weekend treats that divert from eggs, sausages and bacon and add a little sweetness to the plate as well as a twinkle to the eye! On that note, this latest release, Eat Like A Dinosaur is getting rave reviews on the Paleo circuit as a bit of a lifesaver for Paleo parents converting their children. We actually came around to Paleo in search of food that our two children could eat without getting horribly sick as we realised they weren’t just intolerant to wheat flour and dairy but to most flours and indeed, most sugars (including the naturally occurring fructose/fructan/lactose, just a little bit of a bummer there, more on that later). Never being real keen on packaged food anyway (if it has a barcode, it ‘aint food), I’m more than happy to cook from scratch and experiment and I will be sharing my recipes, lots of other people’s recipes, with thanks, and some ideas on making food for your children more delicious to look at and eat, but most importantly, more healthful for their lovely little growing bodies.

The trick to working with almond flour is that less is more, the ratios as you’ll see are round the opposite way to traditional pancakes which mostly involve one egg and a dash of milk with cups or so of flour, which we don’t want or need. The consistency is runny ‘ish’ but they set in the pan and have a really delicious banana flavour. Use coconut oil to cook with if you are partaking in Whole30 or butter if not. They don’t really need a topping, they’re yummy on their own!

You can scour the web for a dozen Paleo pancake recipes and they will all be some variant of the following ingredients but you can design your own according to taste as long as you stick to the ratio rule to avoid making bricks that sit at the bottom of your gut all day. I personally love Elana’s Pantry for some interesting Paleo recipes and treats. I choose lots of banana and sometimes add 3 to ours, it makes them quite squishy though, try ’em sometime!

Banana Nut Pancakes Recipe

2 medium ripe bananas (ripe means absolutely no green, lovely yellow WITH BROWN SPOTS, soft and banana smelly – never eat a banana unless it is like this)

2 TBSN of nut butter (you can make your own or buy it for about $7 in Woolworths, I will post a recipe soon on how to make it yourself)

3 eggs whisked

1/4 cup of almond flour

2 TBSN of dessicated coconut

1 tsp of vanilla extract or 1 tsp of cinnamon, both optional


1) Mash the bananas

2) Add the whisked eggs

3) Stir in the nut butter

4) Fold through the almond flour and dessicated coconut and vanilla or cinnamon

5) Heat a pan and cook about four pancakes at a time for a couple of minutes on each side until golden brown

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