Simplifying Mindfulness


I want to tackle a topic that feels super hazy, boring and at times frankly impossible–since it is absolutely an essential practice if you want to quit the all-or-nothing approach to eating. And that is mindfulness. I want to make it well defined for you. Because if you are anything like I was, when someone
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Nutrition Rules Vs Nutrition Strategies

relationship with food

Nutritional Rules. I put these things into a group of actions and mental constructs, along with meal plans, calorie counts, macro counts, eating according to a clock, declining social events constantly, and any other thing that perpetuates a controlling attitude around food. Rules keep us struggling because they’re required, or else we don’t know what to
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Daily Happiness


Finding daily happiness – it may arise from teeny tiny things or big eventful things that can happen everyday for you. The search is sometimes easy and at times more difficult. As no human holds the same makeup, the same life values, opinions, motivations and thoughts, we must look to a variety of avenues to evoke happiness in our
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