The Carbohydrate Controversy


The controversy of carbohydrates, ask any health professional and you will get a different answer (opinion) on if the do or do not assist health or fat loss. Yes, here at Collective Fitness we certainly advocate for the low carbohydrate way of eating, which at its core is: 1. Removing processed and refined foods from
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Chocolate Mousse

Chocolate mousse

Every now and then, indulging in dessert can absolutely help the body and mind! Make sure you savour every bite, guilt-free, and the key is to keep these treats to every now and then! Here is my favourite treat…. Chocolate Mousse (Serves 4) 50 grams Dark Chocolate 85%  15 grams Salted Butter 1 tbsp Cacao Powder 200 ml Whipping Cream *you can add
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Alcohol & your results


Where does alcohol fit in, when we are trying to change our physique and improve our health? I often hear conversations that go a little like this “i can change my breakfast/lunch/dinner/snacks, but do not take away my beer/wine!” Let us firstly delve into the “problem” then look at some solutions to this ever challenging
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How Much Sugar Is In A ‘Healthy’ Diet?

Are you eating what many people perceive as a healthy diet? Low fat. Fruit smoothies. Medjool dates. Weight watchers dinner. Low fat fruit yoghurt. Muesli Bars. Have you ever considered how much sugar might be hiding in your diet? Let’s explore this… Sugar has never been in our food supply like it is in modern times. With
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