Why Weight loss is so hard….

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The latest statistics from an ABC 4 corners investigation expressed a very concerning outlook regarding the health of our nation. Currently, 60% of Australian adults are overweight or obese, that is projected to rise to 80% by 2025. If you weren’t alarmed before, you probably should be. Our country is in the depths of an
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Struggling to get results from exercise?


Here’s some hard truths you might need to hear… Exercise and fat loss are sensitive subjects to broach, even for personal trainers. There are uncomfortable truths every trainer has needed to drop on clients who struggle to get results. Here are four of the most common nuggets of advice you probably don’t want to hear
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Why Exercise Does Matter For Weight Loss

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If you are a follower health news, you might be thinking exercise doesn’t matter when you’re trying to lose weight. Vox just published a big piece showing how useless exercise alone is for weight loss. The NY Times says “eating less” is way more effective than “exercising more.” Obesity researchers like Gary Taubes and Yoni Freedhoff
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