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Bernie Weight Loss

Check out Bernie’s weight loss results!!! Goal – lose 10kgs before Christmas 2016

What was our approach? Bernie had already been exercising consistently for some time, so we kept his 2-3 high intensity sessions per week, then added some form of exercise on most of the other days. Nutrition coaching at Collective does not consist of crazy diets or meal plans; we made healthy changes to what Bernie was already eating and provided reasons why so that he could apply the knowledge anytime he needed to in future. No pills, shakes or detoxes. Just real food with a sensible intake. Some of his recommendations were:

  • Drop the snacking in between meals.
  • Swap refined carbohydrates (bread, rice, pasta) for vegetables/salads.
  • Reduce the booze to just weekends, with moderate consumption.

We knew he could do it and we are super proud of his efforts and results!

Age: 50 something ūüėČ

Waist circumference: WAS 103cm NOW 94cm

Weight LOST: 12.5kg

Bernie not only achieved his goal weight loss he surpassed it with a total of 12.5kg lost. PLUS he has added years to his life by reducing his risk of serious health issues by reducing his waist circumference. The reason we take a waist circumference? It’s an indicator for fat deposits that are present around internal organs which directly increases the risk of disease (diabetes, cardiovascular/heart disease, stroke) Рany measurement over 100cm for males is considered high risk.

Losing weight starts with the decision to make change and the commitment to a healthier you. We don‚Äôt aim for perfection, we aim for consistency over time. Through education, support and hard work we help you reach your goals ‚Äď age, starting weight, or experience is no barrier. Contact us today to get started.

The only downside…you might have to splurge on some new clothes!

Amelia 100km (3)

“I was looking for someone who was experienced in endurance events to¬†work with¬†to
achieve my long distance running goals,¬†and guide me in the areas of strength work, injury prevention, interval training¬†and mental¬†preparation.¬† Given Matt’s experience in the fitness industry and also as a competitor, he has assisted me over the past 18 months to be able to compete in races I had only ever dreamed of doing!¬† Matt is practical, and will push you to your limits, of which mine are still being tested!” ‚Äď Amelia






“When Matt shared with me a new plan for 6 sessions a week I thought it was very unachievable. The first couple of weeks were tough but through Matts professionalism, motivating attitude and goal setting, I was able to see week by week the changes in my strength and body so I knew it was all worth it. I’ve been training with Matt for over three years now and still to this day each session feels different, challenging and worth every struggling set!” – Rebecca




‚ÄúExtremely professional, super friendly atmosphere. Trainers who cater for goals of each individual¬†and once those goals¬†are achieved, they support and mentor you through the challenges¬†to reach your highest potential.¬†Highly recommended!‚ÄĚ ‚Äď Nikka


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