The Metabolic Reset: 12 Weeks to a Leaner, Harder, Healthier You

The 12 week Metabolic Reset Program is a chance for you to make a full commitment to getting the body and health you deserve. This commitment will be made to us, and more importantly to yourself!

Each personal training session on the Metabolic Reset Program includes a warm-up, skills and drills, workout, and stretching/myofascial release with different topics discussed during each session: nutrition, psychological loading, and more.

On your first few sessions you will realise that we emphasise mechanics and technical mastery, with the primary goal of  consistent exposure to healthy movements.

The 12 week time frame is critical for 2 reasons.

  • First, almost anyone who is willing to change their life can invest in a 12 week period and 12 weeks allows for adequate exposure to the movements.
  • Second, the 12 week time frame also allows you to experience transformation on multiple levels: You’ll FEEL better, LOOK better, and PERFORM better!

On the 12th week we repeat the same workout that you completed on your 1st session and let the results do the talking. We find that after the 12th week, when you see the improvements you have made, you’ll be ready to increase the intensity of your sessions even further and achieve even more.

The purpose of offering this program is to provide beginners with what we feel is the best strength and conditioning program for optimum health so that you can get the results that our other clients have achieved!

Here is what is included in The Metabolic Reset Program:

  • Individual Strength Training Program (5 exercises, 2 days per week)
  • Our Metabolic Conditioning Program (Our 3 favourite fat-blasting metabolic routines, 3 days per week)
  • Nutritional guidance and weekly tracking.

Here’s How to Enter: Sign up for your first 3 sessions here.

The key to your success is the time we invest with you at the start of your journey to awesomeness!