Caffeine is Noxious

You’re addicted to caffeine. Everyone drinks coffee.

Thought I’d stick my proverbial oar in and put this out there. Last week my wife commented on watching hundreds of hopeless souls in the City literally fighting each other to get their cup of fat and sugar loaded with caffeine. One word, Ludicrous. Queueing, paying and stressing over a drink that if you drank three of, would strip you of an Olympic medal. A drink that contains a chemical so toxic that 10grams is fatal. A bad habit that depletes your body of water, calcium, potassium, magnesium and peptin which helps you digest protein.

It’s 2012 and for the majority, we’re playing a beautiful game for the coffee industry to sit back and enjoy. The game in question? Get as much caffeine into our bodies as possible. Go! The caffeine industry knows caffeine saps your natural sense of vitality, leaving you dependent on their products to get through the day. They know that you actually crave their products and, more importantly, that you suffer when you don’t consume them. It’s a marketing dream, and it’s legal. I’m in the wrong game. The business of caffeine is the most recession proof industry in the world with the other two being pharmaceuticals and cigarettes. There is a correlation there but you know what it is so I won’t open up that box, for now anyhow.

Let’s set things straight. There are no positive health benefits from caffeine. I promise every one of you. If you can think of one then leave us a comment but before you do, really think hard if it really is a health benefit! Those who tell tell us its OK to drink it are coffee drinkers themselves.  Why wouldn’t they tell us otherwise! The media, the adverts, the doctors. They’re so hooked up on this seemingly innocent legal high that the majority advocate it to “get you through the day”.

Time and time again, clinical studies prove that:

“Caffeine can’t provide energy, only chemical stimulation and induced emergency state that can lead to irritability, mood swings, and panic attacks. Caffeine gives the illusion of heightened alertness by dilating pupils, quickening heart rate, and raising blood pressure. In fact, caffeine does not increase overall mental activity.”

“Under all circumstances, vitality or energy of any character whatever is invariably manifested or noticed by us, as energy, in its expenditure, never in its accumulation.” In other words, what appears to give us energy is draining our energies. The stimulation people get from drinking coffee is an expenditure of vital forces, not real energy which can only come from rest.”

So why drink it? The body has absolutely no use for it. It’s a danger to our living function. We work really hard to detoxify it through the liver and reject it with great effort. I’ll ask the question again, so why drink it?!

Because it tastes nice? Hmmm… I see. Is that why you can’t bear to drink a double ristretto but instead have to add it to a cup of milk, some sugar, aww sod it, add some syrup and a dash of chocolate? Don’t forget that marsh mellow now. Drinkable? Then I’ll continue.

For those that can’t possibly exist without their beautiful, creamy cup of  poison, don’t you dare complain about the state of your physical fitness.  Because if you do then wake the fuck up and have some self respect. Take some responsibility for you actions. Cause and effect my friend. No, I’m not saying that drinking coffee alone makes you overweight and unfit but it certainly doesn’t help! A female acquaintance asked me the other day what they need to do to look younger. I guarantee that(along with drinking water and getting more sleep), cutting out caffeine in the long term will beat any beauty treatment going. She was swiggin back her latte at the time.

But how did we get to this point? It seems that coffee beans were used as a drug long before they were used as a food. The practice of giving toxic substances to the sick has been in vogue for a hell of a long time and has not changed much today. A large percentage of today’s pharmaceutical drugs contain caffeine as one of their “active ingredients.” However it did come about, we’ve all been conned and it makes me sick. It’s just a coffee I hear you shout, well people, we live in the middle of a health crisis. An obesity epidemic. A world where we’re getting lazier, spend all of out days sitting on our arse and consuming whatever we can get our sticky little mitts on.

In summary, drinking coffee is a noxious habit. Like cigarettes, coffee is the delivery method for a very powerful drug. You work hard to make sure it tastes as palatable because you have to get your fix 3 or 4 times a day. This recession proof industry is getting everyone jacked on caffeine and there ain’t nothing I can do about it except to continue to rant and rave in the hope that a few of you stop and look around once in a while.

As a final comment, for all those people who want to stop drinking caffeine but can’t, I pity you. You’re pathetic. You can give up anything that you want. Would you give it up if your life depended on it?

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