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If fat loss as your goal, these are 2 of the most important strategies or changes that you need to practice.


Keep in mind, what “worked” for you 5 years ago, or pre baby, or when you were 18, may not work for you now. And the approach you take now probably wont work in another 5 years. We all have different bodies and histories that will influence how and when our bodies will burn fat, on what fuel and what exercise. These being gender, genetics, previous weight loss/gain, our metabolic/hormonal health, ethnicity, exercise, smoking status, and health status.

Also worth noting is that what works for me, might not work for you. I share my meals on instagram stories, but keep in mind and this also goes for any other person/fitpro you follow, if you eat what they eat, you might not get what they get.

It’s all of these reasons why we need to choose a couple of strategies/rules with our nutrition and practice it consistently for 2-3 weeks. Figure out if we are seeing the results we want to and then reassess based on where you are at.

So, back to the topic of the conversation, what are the 2 most important strategies to establish for your fat loss.

1. Meal frequency.
Focus on 3 meals.
What this might mean is that your meal portion may need to increase. That’s OK, you want to feel full.
When you are eating nutrient dense foods, your portion size is less important. You want to increase the time in between your meals for insulin to lower, glucagon to rise, which signals our body to utilises it’s own own glycogen & fat stores for energy.  We want to encourage our body to fuel itself with our own energy reserves, and to do that we need to reduce meal frequency.
2. Ditch the processed refined carbohydrates and sugars.

Put simply, these foods directly trigger increased/uncontrolled hunger, cravings, and energy fluctuations. They also lack nutrient quality. By moving away from these foods you are supporting fat loss and improved health.

In order for fat loss to be successful long-term, these changes need to be long term. You cannot go back to what you were doing beforehand, this is not a diet.

Set sustainable targets, pick 1 or 2 things, practice for a couple of weeks, be consistent. Pay attention and listen to your body; if the changes are working, you’ll know. Then keep working on small improvements relevant to you.
Fat loss is long-term. I cant say that enough. It is gradual consistent changes. If you hit it too hard, you’ll find the intensity of the changes is too much to sustain.
You will give up and lose what progress you had made. Be patient.
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