What should you really care about with your fitness and nutrition?

(and what really doesn’t matter)

Our human brains only have the capacity to focus and make decisions about a handful of things each day. Our brains literally experience decision fatigue ALL THE TIME, and when its fatigued, that’s when we say “screw it, let’s do it!”

When we force ourselves to make decisions about every single tiny nutrition thing, were not being smart and selective enough. Because not every nutrition decision carries the same weight in terms of *actual results.* Outcomes will be noticeable and important for only a handful of things, and those are the decisions that deserve your actual attention.

Obsessive eaters don’t discriminate, i know because i was one. every single nutritional decision felt monumental. Each decision felt as though it would make of break my results. and i would crumble if i thought i was messing up. When come to find out, after many, any years, not many things actually matter.

So can artificial sweeteners screw up your GI? Maybe. Watch and see. Adjust is necessary. Try using Stevia.

Can sodium make you retain water? Maybe. But spending hours stressing over it is a waste of your time and brainpower.

Often we stress about things that don’t matter. and ironically in my experience you have to get to the point of over-consumption of information and complete mental overwhelm to finally realize that eating is quite simple.

Not many things are huge dial movers. But the ones that are…do those consistently, to the best of your ability. As for the rest…….f’**k it!


Sufficient protein. Eating lots of veggies. Feeling satisfied by your meals. Weight training. Exercise intensity. Recovery activities. Enjoying the process. Making decent choices 90% of the time. SLEEP.


Sodium. Post workout “window.” Artificial sweeteners. Meal timing/eating every 2-3 hours. Eating after a certain time of day. Bites of sweets here and there. Cardio or weights first. Cardio in the “fat burning zone.” Long workouts.

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