How we talk ourselves into choices

Do you rationalise choices that hold you back?

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I’ve been so good/disciplined, i deserve this treat.

I’ll just get it out of my system, then i’ll start again tomorrow/Monday/next month.

It’s just one ice cream/block of chocolate/box of donuts, i’ll be better tomorrow.

I have been so stressed this day/week, i need a bottle of wine.

I cannot workout this morning, i’m so tired, i need another 20mins of restless sleep. And so on…

Is it possible that you’re actually telling rational lies?

Just because it’s your answer, does not mean it is the truth.

We can convince ourselves into doing or out of doing anything.

We don’t justify making the healthy dinner, going to the gym, doing regular meditation, planning for a successful career/relationship. We generally don’t have to talk ourselves into it. However, we do justify the binge, the sleeping in, the treat, social choices “well, it was Karen’s birthday at work, i had to have cake,” the alcohol, or even watching TV…

The things that we rationalise, are things that point to and highlight where we are telling rational lies.

So what, now what? We recognise…

1.Ruthless objectivity.

Recognise the facts. No story, no emotion, no drama.

Problem. Solution. In one sentence, what is the problem (without the drama/emotion/story)? What is the solution? What does it look like to participate in the solution? What does it NOT look like to participate in the solution?

2.Ask Questions?

Is this a choice I want to make?

Is this how I want to show up in my life?

Is this decision going to help me feel amazing?

Does this situation work for me?

Is this story taking me to where I want to go?

Has this decision proven to be an effective strategy in the past? Yes or NO

Does this make me proud, choosing or acting this way? YES or NO

What else is true here?

If I am the very best version of me, would I make this choice, would i think this way?

Is this the version of me I want to reinforce?

Keep in mind, you do have the ability to choose. In any situation (whether you are standing in front of the fridge/pantry, confectionery aisle in the supermarket) you can make a choice that will move you closer towards your goals and who you want to be OR keep you in the same place. Remove the emotion, remove the story and ask yourself what do you really want?

Win the moment you’re in.

If you would like to work more closely on your mindset regarding behaviours, nutrition & exercise, please reach out to me.

Claire xx

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