Is Alcohol Affecting My Weight Loss Results?

I am a massive believer in the amount of effort that you put in, needs to match your overall goals. For e.g. if you are losing weight or getting fit to be the “worlds number 1 sports model” then your nutrition and exercise program will need to be rather strict.
But for most people, your goals wont be that extreme; so if you are wanting to lose weight and get fit to feel better about yourself, to feel energised, to feel confident – you don’t need to cut everything that you enjoy out of your life. If you do, that is going to set you up, to give up, because you hate life.

Here’s the thing, the effect of metabolising alcohol on the kidneys, over time can affect your ability to absorb and utilise essential nutrients and vitamins – which can affect and decrease your motivation, decrease your energy and overall feeling of wellbeing.

So here’s the thing – if you are having a drink every now and then with your friends or family because you really enjoy it, go for it. As long as it isn’t holding you back from achieving the results that you want in life. But if it starts to hold back your results and become a problem for you, then you need to ask yourself what you truly want.

Here’s another interesting point – if you feel like you need to drink more often, maybe to distress after a crazy day and those crazy days happen everyday. Remember its not the alcohol you want, its the change in your mood – you want to go from stressed, overwhelmed and worried to calm relaxed and happy. Alcohol is simply your vehicle and you can change your vehicle to something more empowering if you want to.

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