New Years Evolution

I’m gunna do it. I’m going to talk about new years resolutions or rather New Year Evolution…

Resolutions themselves aren’t a bad thing per se, or something that we all HAVE to have “or else.” Anything that helps, triggers, encourages or stimulates us to positively improve our health, fitness or lifestyle, can only be a good thing. Right? It’s only a good thing if you take action, then continually work towards it.

This year, i’m going for a New Years EVOLUTION, because when we make a decision to do something about our goals, it’s not just new years; it’s every day, it’s every week, it’s every month of the year that we are attempting to modify, change or practice new behaviours to reach/make progress towards said goal.
ANY change takes time. We need to make the action to change small and achievable, then practice consistently, so it becomes a habit. Then we work on the next small and achievable change, and so on and so forth.

It’s an evolution, not a resolution.

Setting your goals & expectations

· Be realistic; losing 20kg in 2 months, exercising everyday for 30 days when you have been doing zero, sticking to a 1200cal diet plan – these all require huge shifts in your lifestyle. History says it’ll be short-lived.

A more realistic approach might look like this. You are currently not exercising and want to START >>> aim for 1-2 sessions per week (can be walking, swimming, cycling, bodyweight at home, gym, PT (i highly recommend! etc.)


You are currently exercising  3-4 times per week, but want to do MORE >>> add in a leisure activity (sport) or a stretch/mobility session.


You want to lose 2kg in 2 month >>> STOP! Throw the scales in the bin and choose a different goal that is going to actually make you feel better.

· Make it achievable; HUGE overhauls in your lifestyle often produce rapid results, but will they stick??? Unless you are prepared to maintain all of the changes you have made for the rest of your life, not likely. Unachievable goals make you feel discouraged and unfortunately you’ll probably give up on any change, whatsoever.

The solution….baby steps…make a commitment, practice it consistently, master it, then move on.
For e.g “quitting sugar” cold turkey. Try this instead >>> ditch the sugar at breakfast, only at breakfast, make no other changes. Practice that for 4 weeks, then move onto something else, ditching snacks perhaps?

You need to ask yourself; Does this represent an improvement for me? Just a small improvement, for me?” “Am i prepared to take on this change for the rest of my life? And if not, what am i willing to change?”

The more you practice this process, the stronger your positive choices will become, the more positive your results will be, the more progress you will make towards your goals.

Claire xx

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