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Since 2012, Collective Fitness + Training Studio has been helping both men and women through personal training & nutrition coaching transform their bodies & improve their quality of life. We would like to invite you to experience it as they do. We are well established within the personal training and health industry with over 20 years combined experience. Our service is all about the most effective & realistic approach for you and your body.

I am incredibly grateful for being given the chance to improve my health and fitness in a friendly and encouraging environment… – Leigh


We are firm believers that movements you do in exercise should reflect what you do in lifestyle. Each workout will be tailored to what you want to achieve in the real world, through a safe and structured program. All delivered by qualified, experienced and personable coaches. Life is about balance and taking care of the one and only body you have – with gradual, realistic lifestyle change, you can have a happier, healthier body.

Extremely professional, super friendly. Matt & Claire cater to the goals of each individual and once those goals are achieved, they support and mentor you through the next challenges to reach your highest potential. Highly recommended! – Nikka

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How does strength training help weight loss?

Strength training increases lean muscle tissue. The more lean muscle tissue that you have, the faster your basal metabolic rate. High intensity strength workouts increase production of key fat-burning hormones.

Intense training with weights recruits more fast twitch muscle fiber than lengthy, steady paced cardio sessions, which rely mostly on slow twitch fiber. Fast twitch fiber requires more calories to function.

Lifting weights shapes and “hardens” the body, creating more benefits than simply what you see on the scale. Tight, toned muscle takes up less space than loose muscle.

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Do you provide nutrition guidance?

Every individual has their own story – career, relationships, family, motivation, beliefs – all factors which contribute to a person’s ability to change their day to day lifestyle choices for a happier and healthier body.

Our nutrition coaching allows us to look at the entire picture, implement techniques and tools to develop a program to ensure your success – in weight loss, better sleep, mental clarity or improved performance.  

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