Sweat & Be happy

Do sweat it, it’s good for you!

Did you know sweat actually has other ways it keeps you fit and healthy?

Here are some amazing (and surprising) health benefits of sweating, and why it’s good for you:

  • Regulates your body temperature – as the water evaporates from the skin surface, it has a cooling effect which helps to bring down the temperature in hot situations.
  • Fights off illness – salty and slightly acidic sweat is the perfect place for natural antibiotics or antimicrobial proteins to grow, which are effective in fighting against bacteria and also viruses like the common cold.
  • Cleanses your skin – buildup that can get clogged in your pores is actually flushed out when you sweat, preventing pimples and other blemishes.
  • Keeps your kidneys healthy – when you sweat you are limiting the build up of excess sodium and calcium in the kidneys and urine. When you sweat you also end up drinking more water to replace fluids and keep hydrated, which means you are “cleaning out” your kidneys and lower risk of kidney stones.
  • Gives you strong bones – regulates mineral balance within the body to help your bones stay healthy and retain calcium that makes your bones strong.

So don’t just think of sweat as an annoying and uncomfortable thing that happens when you’re hot, but more as an amazing part of the body and its functions, keeping everything healthy and running smoothly.

Why exercise makes you happy

You could be new to exercise, or you could simply have fallen off the wagon, and strayed from a healthy lifestyle for a while. Sometimes we need a reminder of how it feels after we workout, and how we can benefit from regular exercise. It doesn’t just keep you fit and healthy, or help you to lose fat and burn calories. Exercise actually makes you happier!

When we exercise, we benefit physically, mentally and emotionally. If you are in need of a reminder of why you should make exercise a part of your everyday:

  1. Gives you energy – even if you don’t have much of it before you begin, you’ll end up with more energy after you exercise. A long stressful day at work can actually benefit from a good workout session.
  2. It releases happy hormones – when you exercise and move, your brain releases a mix of hormones. Adrenaline, endorphins, dopamine and serotonin work together to make you feel good, leaving you with a high after a workout.
  3. Gives you a confidence boost – with the happy hormones helping to give you a clear head and a positive outlook, you will find yourself with more confidence. You’ll also feel stronger and fitter, giving yourself greater resilience and self esteem.
  4. Provides stress relief – exercise helps to relieve stress and tension by giving your mind a rest and your muscles a burst of oxygen.
  5. Helps your mental health – when you include exercise in your daily life, you are helping to keep your whole self healthy, this includes your mind. Exercise is recommended to people suffering from mental illness, anxiety or depression.
  6. Helps you sleep better – your sleeping patterns can be improved by doing regular exercise. Your body needs the rest to recover from fatigued muscles and systems, so you end up sleeping easier and more soundly.
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