Why I Won’t Be Posting A Transformation Photo

One scroll through social media and you will see them. Before and after transformation photos for fat loss, pregnancy, muscle gain etc. often attached with a sales pitch to try and sell you something. After having 3 babies in 4 years, i have often considered sharing pics on how my body has changed and how i have achieved results, but it never sat well with me. Each to their own, i just didn’t feel super awesome about it.

I have been a PT since 2007. After each of our bubs (we have 3) i always looked forward to getting back to training because i wanted to feel fit and strong again. The LAST thing i was focusing on was how quickly i could “get my pre-baby body back.” We need to nourish our body especially during this time. Adding the pressure of getting into a bikini to display a “personal trainer post baby bounce back”, made me feel a bit (a lot) sick.

Side note: I understand why PT businesses post before and after photos. They are used to promote their service and client results. That’s totally fine, its just not our jam, we prefer to celebrate differently. Our focus with our clients is getting them fitter, healthier and happier without the pressure and expectation of doing this in the shortest time possible, with potentially unrealistic/unsustainable lifestyle changes. Remember peeps exercise and eating well is forever, not just the next 12 weeks. 
ALSO, I am certainly not discounting recognition of progress. I absolutely encourage the use of comparison photos. They are a great tool to track your results (certainly a far superior method than scales), and we should absolutely recognise these wins, small and big.

On reflection, i am so proud of my progress after having my babes. MORE so for what my body can do and how I feel. LESS so for what I look like. Being consistent with exercise and nutrition whilst caring for young children is extremely challenging – i honestly couldn’t even begin to explain!!! But i wont be posting a transformation picture, just this one 🙂 >>>

I feel fairly strongly about this and here are my thoughts on transformation photos:

  • How does seeing a transformation picture on your social media feed help YOU TAKE ACTION to improve your health and/or fitness?
  • How does seeing these pictures change your decisions to help you win your day?
  • My journey isn’t your journey. Just because you do what I do, doesn’t mean you will get what I get, and this is the same for every other transformation picture you see. Surprising? Maybe, but 100% true. My body is not your body (the principles for what I educate on are the same, but the application in real life is very different from person to person).
  • Because comparison is the thief of joy. Even with yourself when it is negative.
  • If i did post a before/after photo i know i would receive compliments. Yes its lovely and extremely humbling to receive compliments, but again, how does that help YOU create change? This is also why I don’t post lot of selfies etc. External praise is very generous/thoughtful, however our kind words about ourselves firstly need to come from within ourselves. This is something I practice everyday. Not in a self indulgent tone, but a self caring/empowering tone.
  • Lastly, I cant control what you think when you see the images (my Jedi mind tricks aren’t that advanced yet!). If it evokes negative feelings like “why cant I do that, be that, act like that” in you, then HECK no, I’m not going to post it. Instead i urge you now, to put time and attention into your own self talk and dialogue. For e.g. “my legs are so chunky” ok, what else is true? Name 3 positive things/actions where your legs help you. This is just one example. Our thoughts and behaviour patterns can be complex, sometimes we need help breaking them down and re-building (something i am super passionate about and work with clients on, if you need it and feel ready for it).

My goal as a nutritionist and personal trainer is NOT ABOUT ME, it’s about you. I want to educate you not only with information (because knowing stuff is great, but it is the putting it into action part. That is what is MOST important). But i want to arm you with the tools and strategies for you to figure out what works for you (because this is different for everyone), to help you create the change you need AND put it into ACTION consistently in order to achieve your health and fitness goals now, and into the future.

If I can help and I know I can, message me.

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