Use Your Butt

How you do things matters. It’s a huge mistake to focus primarily on WHAT you do at the expense of improving and paying attention to HOW you do it.

How you do things determines whether it’s easy, hard and/or sustainable.

Let me use working out as an example.

Doing a deadlift without bracing your core and you will fatigue quickly, put unnecessary strain on your back and increase your risk of injury.

Bracing your core, removing the slack from the bar and intentionally firing your glutes will make the same movement much easier, it will reduce the load on your back and dramatically decrease your risk of injury.

It will FEEL easier and BE easier. You can even do more work with less energy.

This theory holds true in all movements from pushups to pull-ups to planks, rowing & running.

The theory is also true in our daily lives. Yes, what we do matters. HOW we do it often represents a huge opportunity for improvement.

Anything done with a great attitude is easier than the same thing done with a negative attitude.

Anything done in a calm, organised manner is easier than the same thing done in a hurry.


It’s not just WHAT you do, it’s HOW you do it.

By staying calm, breathing evenly and really focusing on your form, your workouts can be much easier than it would be otherwise.

For example in a deadlift, keep reminding yourself Use your butt. Use your core!” Instead of merely pulling a bar up off the ground with your arms & back. Consciously recruit the strongest muscles in your body. This makes it so much easier.

The same could be said for box jumps! By staying focused on your form, using your butt for power & landing softly on the box, you make those jumps so much easier than if you are sloppy and looking to grind through without attention to HOW you are moving.

When you do push-ups I tell yourself the same thing: Use your butt! Who knew squeezing your glutes could make a push-up so much easier?

I’m telling you, just like using your biggest muscle groups and being efficient in your movement makes workouts easier, being efficient, calm & organized in your approach to the day makes your choices easier.

Sometimes the smallest adjustments to HOW we do things, makes the things we do, require far less effort.

Claire x

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