Why HIT???

There is always so much talk about how to lose weight, FAST. We are a culture who wants things right away. We don’t like to wait. During my experience, I hear a lot about weight loss supplements and pre workout drinks to get fat burning faster. But the truth is, you don’t need to turn to these sometimes unhealthy and unnatural supplements to effectively burn fat. One of my favourite sayings in life is “work smarter not harder”. Using HIT (High Intensity Training) is just that. A smarter way of working out to unlock your full potential.

Why HIT?

Intensity is king! Our body only responds to stimulus and when we train, that stimulus is the intensity. If your weights are too light or your heart rate is too low, you simply will not achieve the results you’re after. After years of listening to people tell me about their lack of results, I am convinced they were not training at the right intensity. HIT training ensures you will be working hard enough AND you don’t have to do a long session. Short and sweet – perfect for the busy person!

As well as preserving your lean muscle tissue (which is critical for long term results to “stick”), HIT elevates your metabolism significantly for 24 hours for post workout so your body is burning through more energy, thus assisting in fat loss. This effect is much greater than the effects of LISS (low intensity steady state) cardio.

The research is also very clear on the benefits of HIT. HIT has been shown to improve fitness quickly and efficiently, whilst keeping people interested and engaged. Cardiovascular fitness offers protection against cardiovascular disease and every year, 33% of all deaths in Australia are due to cardiovascular disease. The latest research has shown that the number 1 risk factor for all-cause mortality (i.e. all reasons for death) is LOW CARDIOVASCULAR FITNESS. This makes HIT a no-brainer.

How to use HIT in your workout routine?

HIT can be used on it’s own as a quick fast burning routine when you’re low on time, or you can incorporate it into your strength training, by adding a HIT session in after your weights. It is perfect to use when traveling; don’t waste time on a treadmill in the hotel gym (yuk!). You don’t need equipment and HIT can be done using body weight movements. So, it can be done anywhere!

Below, I have included a favourite HIT workout of mine, that is a go-to when I want to really work my body in a short amount of time.

10 Minute Fat-blasting HIIT


  • Jog on the spot for 10 seconds
  • High knees for 10 seconds
  • Repeat 3 times
  • Rest 60 seconds, then complete 2 more rounds (9 sets in total)

Workout: Complete one minute of maximum reps (as many reps as you can safely do) of the following exercises. Keep rest between exercise to 20 seconds or less, and repeat all exercises twice (2 rounds). On the next round of each exercise, aim to get within 10% of your first set total e.g. if you got 50 squats in round 1, aim to get at least 45 in round 2.

  1. Push-ups
  2. Bodyweight squats
  3. Shuttle runs (run up and back 10m)
  4. Crunches (legs in the air, aim to touch your toes)

HIIT has to be one of the best styles of training I’ve come across during my years in the industry. After this workout, you are guaranteed to feel like you have worked your body hard, and you will reap the many benefits the HIT has to offer for hours later! How good is that.

Claire x


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