Sleep or Die. Your body needs sleep!

I felt that I needed to post this not only to remind myself but all of you too, just how much the body needs sleep to function well and survive. Sleep or Die seems a little extreme but that unfortunately is the reality.

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2 thoughts on “Sleep or Die. Your body needs sleep!

  1. Fascinating article. That really spelled out alot of things for me. I knew I needed more sleep, but what I didn’t know was the extent of what goes wrong if you don’t get it. “I’m going to bed now everyone! And I don’t care if it is 9pm!”. Thanks for that.


    1. I second that Joel. Reading this article was a big motivator for me to really book in some additional sleep time. I have been running on 5 hrs a night and I just assumed I had naturally horrible memory and liked salty foods. It sounds like there is more to it than that. thats guys.

      Marianne Williams

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